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The team

The team of the portal is a collective of authors, who are publishing news and analysing events within the post-Soviet space since 2016. The authors of the publications are interested in the foreign policy, they carefully select information sources and base their opinion on experts of the field.

The mission

The goal of the portal is to carefully analyse Russia and its activities within the post-Soviet space, trying to separate the country’s propaganda from the reality, opinions of involved parties from observations of professional experts.

The content

The authors of the portal publish news, evaluate processes and offer outlines about 12 post-Soviet countries, 6 self-proclaimed republics and 6 frozen conflicts. The publications have references to information resources, institution outlines and organization researches that allows the readers to research the issues more deeply. The portal offers news about daily events, analytical outlines about specific issues and reviews about popular books that are dedicated to post-Soviet space processes and people.